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I made a video about this a while ago, also going into a little bit of detail (a very small bit) why this works (mathematically).
I can't say I agree that this works for different angles of approach as well (such as 75, 110, whatever) as those are not right triangles anymore. The further from 90 you are, the less accurate it will be in that case by quite some margin. It's still very much possible to figure out the lead angle then, but you need a bit different math (law of cosines, for example) for that.
I also feel that just setting the gyro to 0 on the Tvre and manually calculating the lead angle (or reading it off a a chart) is a bit easier and less prone to accidents than manipulating the Tvre to get there. That's just a matter of taste though, both are perfectly fine of course.

At any rate, here's the video.

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