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wolf_howl15 TvT is good but could be great

Hi guys,
TVT AI "Catastrophic" and "utterly awful" not true. The truth is, although
the code for AI is lacking for now, highly sophisticated code could easily
be written as a class (in JAVA). It is not hard coded in the "Game Engine"
However, this would take time and effort from those who know how to
do it.

As far as "just behind the times" OK! But you miss what the original
developers were able to accomplish that made T-34 vs Tiger stay on
the radar screen today.
This simple observation back in 2008 is what enabled Project ZeeWolf to exist.

As for steep fees how about this: Since 2008 my rent has gone up almost

So basically what I would like to say here, I am NO Mother Teressa nor
would I expect those who would produce something with hard work and
dedication to be either.

Motto: "Putting the Zee in SIEG!"

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