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Originally Posted by rea00cy View Post
Hi all:
I'm having the same kind of trouble whe tying to run missions that played Ok before I went to 1.5, in my cases the editor crashes too. I noticed aflash msg in the editor [just before it crashes] saying that yamato and/or iowa were the root of the problem [e.g inBohol sea encounter], so I edited those missions by replacing thoe ships by others BB.
My Q is if there's a general solution to this problem. I mean how do I know which ships are wrong and whatis the text that I have to change?
Basically you need to know something about the Mission. To use the mission editor to open a mission you need all the ships to be in the roster. So, for example the Playable ships are not in the stock so you need to enable the mod before you open the mission. Or if there is a cloned sub, to create a new sub and it's in that mission, the MOD must be enabled to open the mission. Also some 1.4 mission will not open in 1.5 anyway. Various reasons. So there is not definate answer to the question. It is just that anything (ships, subs, planes, land units and so on) that are in the mission must be in the game for the mission to open. So if someone wrote a mission with a MOD enabled, then you should enable that MOD before you open mission editor. And not just before you try to load a mission but before you even OPEN the editor.


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