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Thank you Rubini, Seeadler, Reece, swajkaster and GWX team! This could be the chance for me to play SH3 GWX 3.0 on a full screen mode, because until this moment I've played it only in a windowed mode, my 21 inch Acer monitor not being capable of scaling, leaving two black borders on each side of the screen. It was unplayable for me until this moment on a full screen, streched, with "egged" shaped objects. It's a good start and I am sure you will make this mod even better!
This is one difference between you and the Ubisoft Romania devs, you do give a ....! And in the same time it's one of the reasons I respect you a lot, while unfortunately I cannot say the same thing about them. They "proved" their "value" on the epic failure SH5 Beta stage Shooter/Arcade game. I also know that are some things that cannot be upgraded or fixed because of the of the "hardcoded game engine" (in translation=incompetence and indifference of the devs), but I know you are struggling very hard to do things a much better way than they were when UBI thrown this SH3 buggy game on the market almost five years ago.
Like somebody once said, "Where there's a will, there's a way."!

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