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Oh I certainly know about paying for my sims and the price is not a problem. I have a good stick, throttle quadrant, pedals, TIR5, Logitech steering wheel, etc etc etc, but they are all things I knew I would get use out of for years.

I am not shooting down SBP in any way at all. For those of you that enjoy this genre it is great that you are so well served. Many types of simming as you know are greatly neglected or ignored. I am just saying that for me having a good sim of a type that is close to my interest, but not close enough would be frustrating and I would put it down soon.

I should really have just kept my mouth (or fingers) shut lol. I started by trying to express that SBP would never quite scratch my itch, and end by trying to be sure my comments are not taken the wrong way
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