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Jewish banker has actually a grain of truth in it. When Germany surrendered at the end of WW1, Rothchilds, who had financed the Allies to a great degree wanted payback. I dont know all the details but the end result was they raped germany of everything of value, banks etc. This caused a deep hatred and resentment from the man on the street. Economically Germany was a wasteland and, as usual, it was joe public who suffered.

This allowed the rise of the National Socialist Party and fed their hunger for a change, a better life. Josef Goebels, a vehement anti semetic, fueled Hitlers hate until it became what we all know. And which many people, epsecially under 30s, deny as fake news.

If the victors had helped Germany get back on its feet, its quite possible that the Nazi party would not have existed. But the Allies had their own problems too and turned their back on the losers.

sorry about my typing in my previous reply, I tend to go too fast for my brain.
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