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Originally Posted by blackswan40 View Post
Convoy HG-76 Frederic John Walker and Walkers Exploits (A very good watch)

When a Uboat attacks a convoy all the escorts do the same thing at the same time to have maximum effect around the convoy on a planed line
as the war progressed and convoys had more escorts around the convoy walker invented the creeping attack with upto four escorts line abrest dropping dcs like a creeping artilery barage on the uboat then leaving two escorts in that area waiting for the uboat to surface to recharge batteries and replace the air in the Uboat .

The World at War (Wolfpacks)
with Convoy HG-76 and John Walkers tactics on attacking Uboats (25 minuets in)

Thanks for sharing. Always found it quite sad that Walker passed away, not in action, but basically from the stress of operations.
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