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Originally Posted by Red Devil View Post
If you want to learn/read the 'master class' of anti U Boat operations, then either read Walker RN (now out of print) or read my many pages on this hero of WW2. He never found a U boat and didnt kill it. (there may be some anomolies on this site, its never been 'right', missing images etc. I blame MS.

some US sites claim the honour of forming the first 'hunter/killer' groups. Rubbish. Walker did it. Walker RN, the book, is included in this web site. Took me weeks to scan each page.
That's why I was hoping to see a game with British/Commonwealth antisubmarine operations.....although I am still excited about this game.

I admit I'm biased; my parents grew up in the British Empire's colonies. But the fact is, the RN & RCN really did shoulder much of the antisub burden before the USA declared war. I like to think of myself as an American who's strongly appreciative of the UK's role in defeating Hitler.

Thus I'd much prefer an H Class destroyer or even a Flower Class to a Fletcher. Ah well, I can dream! Maybe in a mod.
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