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The necessary info is all here Yubba, at least for the STA mod, which is the newest and biggest:

Install order (= the sequence in which the components are enabled, in JSGME) is important, starting with the first list, items 1-7 (the GMP mission packs are optional but not to be missed as they provide most of the missions for the extra AFVs). Then, add any other mods from the second list ('Recommended mods'), as you wish.

You need to be logged in, for the download links to be active, or cut and paste the stated link into your browser address bar.. The 4Shared hosting site is not the most user-friendly, you need to click the correct link amongst those ones presented - it's the one to the left in the row 'download - share - add to my account and then to use the free d/l, and then d/l via Facebook/Twitter/Google+/Instagram.

Disable all enabled mods before enabling anything from STA, or work from a clean install. The 'unofficial English patch' isn't needed for the STA mod, just what's listed. The Tiger mod is well out of date, the STA's selection of Tigers is much better and included a 3-d interior for the Tiger I and II.

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