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Negative you have a choice which platform you wanna use.
Not exactly. This is how it looks without changing database:

What do you mean by messing with the database? If it is an issue I will delete the download.
In MP lobby you recive info: "Database is different than host files" - or something like that.
It means - player who join MP session have errors or not the same version of game
(for example host uses RA 1.46 but player have RA 1.42)
All database differences have major impact on game stability - not only for player with differend version.
Literally: it makes many bugs in session and players disconnections

In "your" mission nobody cares which "Collins" (Collins, Farncomb, Waller, Dechaineux, Sheean or Rankin) is drivable. Making mission unplayable only because you want to be Capitain of SSG 78 is little ridiculous.

BTW it's not "your" missions. You just put Collins class instead LA and made some corrections in briefings. Much easier was to add "playes has choice" attribute to playable platform.
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