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Originally Posted by Ostfriese View Post
You are quite right. Both the submarine launched Mark 14 as well as the surface launched Mark 15 had serious technical problems. They ran to deep (solved around September 1942), and both their detonators (contact and magnetic) were faulty. It took the Americans almost two years to correct the problems (until about November 1943).
After that the Mark 14 was a very reliable weapon and was the main reason the American submarine force obliterated the Japanese merchant marine. It was used by the US Navy until 1980.

Molon Lobe has already mentioned that at some point the torpedoes will become more reliable in WiTP as well. I don't know, however, how the earlier Mark 10 is modelled in the game, which -while outdated- was a more reliable weapon in the early stages of the war.
I don't know the actual dud rates of any of the weapons, although I'm sure there's a database editor I could find and use that to find out. But by observation, the Mk14's dud rate is over 50% and the Mk10's is probably lower than 25%.

Per the manual, on January 1943 any torp with a dud rate over 49% will have its rate reduced BY 20%. In September 1943, any torps with a dud rate over 20% will have the rate reduced TO 10%.

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