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Originally Posted by propbeanie View Post
No. Version 1.0x through version 1.4 are Pacific US boats only. Version 1.5, or the Gold Edition or the U-Boat Missions Add-On on top of v1.4 is the only way to do the German side of Silent Hunter 4. Ubisoft has Silent Hunter 4 Gold Edition is back up to $9.99 in the US store. The Steam store slightly confuses me - still... I can't tell if you need to purchase both Silent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacific ~AND~ U-Boat Missions Add-On, or if you can just download the U-Boats, or what... It used to be easy to tell, that you needed them both... Amazon has Silent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacific Gold Edition for $20 US... It used to be that you could get just the U-Boat Missions Add-On for $15US, but I do not see it offered anywhere anymore.
If not mistaken... on Steam, it is possible to obtain either ''Silent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacific, v1.4'' or ''Silent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacific U-Boat Missions, v1.5''...

just have to make sure of the fact that you're grabbing the 2nd copy there & not the 1st one.

I managed to grab both, back when I caught Steam having a sale called a 3 in 1 pack, that consisted of SH3, both copies of SH4 there & SH5.

At that time, I caught that 3-in-1 deal, for $21 & some change, but.. that was some time back when I did though.

No idea what the price would be, when (& if ) Steam puts that package deal back out there.

Hope this info is found to be... useful.

M. M.

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