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Originally Posted by Threadfin View Post
Good reports, thanks for taking the time. I've done many AARs and I know they take a lot of time to put together.

One of the things that appeals to me about Grigsby's games is seeing how I can change history by err, changing history and not making the same mistakes force commanders did in the war.

So concentrate your fleet boats in Formosa strait

Good luck commander!

Thanks. I was just reading in the Matrix AAR threads that "you always miss something." Well, I missed the CAPs at Pearl right after I said I'd have enough CAP! Which led to that crazy Dauntless raid. Didn't quite change history but we came pretty close.

Funny you should mention the strait. I've got a lot of boats heading to choke points around Taiwan right now, but I'm actually thinking about turning four of those boats back. Those 3 submarine attacks that missed their targets yesterday targeted at least two different convoys that look like they're about to land in San Fernando. It looks like they're using minelayers as their primary ASW protection. I've got 11 boats in that hex right now, mostly traveling to other places. Shouldn't hurt too much if I keep a few there to take some potshots, I just wish I thought of it before turning my 12/9 orders in. EDIT:: NOPE! Our scouts have detected several TBs in that group. Those actually carry the deep-reaching depth charges, which makes that convoy one of the best ASW-capable units on the board.


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