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Default CWA

we have Discussed the different Design Game bases and play style options and have decided to make CWA a pure Playable submarine game

this has quite a few Benefits as the game can be Focused on Submerged warfare more in depth with game mechanics dedicated to it.

this will also mean a return to coldwaters roots as a pure submarine simulation game

the Base for this game Wont Be EM but a new multiple Combined Creation using Brand new Elements and some existing CW mods Elements
To get the best Mix over all

we ALSO have decided that only the actual models of :



surface warships


will be used in CWA as As we Think this will Improve the Gaming experience More

as the mod Develops & Grows more and more models can be added & existing ones improved were needed.

ill put updates on this periodically

take care all & stay safe

From The CWA - Team
"History is Written by the Victors."
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