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I did similar... I had purchased the initial release, which was supposed to come in a tin box with maps and pictures, and other memorabilia... they ran out of stock apparently, by the time they got to my name in the alphabet... v1.01g or some-such... about a year and a half later, they came out with the v1.5 "patch", but you had to pay for it... Insult! I am not paying for something that should have been done correctly 5 "patches" ago! Every patch fixed 3 things, and broke 2... Anyway, probably about the time I first started hanging around SubSim, I discovered I had lost my original disk. So I bought the "Gold Edition". Then just after that, I found my original disk, and Ubi had dropped the price on the Uboat Missions Add-on, so I bought it... but then I lost the original disk again, so I bought a v1.3 version of the game to go along with my add-on... Then my add-on went "bad", since it was a Ubisoft download and expired (it did what? you say?), so they sent me a "new" one... I could go on. Needless to say, I now have a Ubisoft UPlay version also, for my Win10 laptop, so three working copies. Some of my friends have learned to not have "game night" at my house, and my sons also avoid playing SH4 with me on the other computers, but I still have fun... lol

Now, all that blathering out of the way, the game and all of its updates do indeed write to the Windows Registry, generally found on the "C:" drive, as well as checking the DirectX stack... The "update instructions" are rather cryptic, and assume you are an employee of the company, and have been keeping up with their email instructions...

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