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Yoo hoo!

Now you shall get another shot of Panzer 38(t) fun.

Kyth Mission 2_10

One more thing before you go... clear up those last pockets of fanatical resistance, will you?

Guau! Guau!

Voff! Voff!
(Woof. Woof.)
KY2_10, txt_mc_mymission2_10, 1, 0, Back_KY210.jpg, txt_cit_02, 20, txt_history_ky2, trappenjagd, levels\levels\cm_users\KY2_10.level;

Other requirements:

i. Steel Panzer Mod v1.5 (beta)
ii. Ultimate Update
iii. Ultimate Update Patch (May)
iv. Unofficial Patch SF v0.1

Ouah! Ouah!
(Okay, enough of the dog noises. We're all out of good ones)
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