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Originally Posted by p7p8 View Post

1. You didn't answered my qyestion

2. If someone answer you: "Get lost you worm" is it mean you and hipotecalyhim are both rude? is it mean you and him are equaly rude and shouldnt discuss?

3. All what wrote @Captain Reyes based on his guesses

4. All what i wrote is documented on his videos.

So why you didn't react just after his first rude reply?
why you think i shouldn't answer him? Because he was rude?

So i ask one more question: if someone coll you in rude way - is it mean you should be warned by admin because its your "fault" that someone was rude directly to you?

The FACT is - on his video is NOT polish Kilo.
Second FACT - he reply in rude way
Third FACT - you tries to punish us both. Why?
When I use the term 'gentlemen' that is because I am addressing both parties. It usually takes at least two parties or more to form a disagreement or an argument.

I became involved as and when matters were raised about the thread and as such I remain impartial and never ever take a one sided view.

If you care to read my posts above you will see that I pointed out you had 'both exercised your right to reply'

My sole aim here is to attempt to lower the tone thereby preventing an escalation between yourselves and further involvement by myself.

Now I'd suggest let sleeping dogs lie.

This matter is now over....move on if you'd be so kind.
Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.
Oh my God, not again!!

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