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To: LoBlo

>>"Question 6#: The AI in DW never seemed to really needed to use triangulation or TMA (it just instaneously knew the speed/course/range of any contact it detected). Will the ACTUV need to use TMA?"

In the original version DW, AI Sub never shoots quickly.

After she will find out contact - she will shoot from 4 about 10 minutes. It unless not triangulation?

Other business, that this delay did not give to shoot even on SNAPSHOT - on active ping.

-RA- addon eliminates these problems.

And ТМА solution there is - AI a submarine will execute at first manouevre for TMA of the decision, and only will shoot then.

ACTUV - Has all sensors with an exact distance - Visual, HF Sonar, MF Sonar, Radar.

All these sensor controls will give exact range at first target detected.

TMA - Simply unnecessary.

IMPORTANT NOTE: However - ACTUV there are no arms. A communication facility also seems does not work.

Therefore it is not so urgent - anyway, to kill the target is not stipulated. And it too badly "black mark" for gameplay.

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