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Default Multi-day convoy attack

So here's a video that kind of shows the state of the game right now... which I think is pretty good.

So this started off as sort of a long convoy pursuit like you might do in Silent Hunter V. You can chase convoys it's just not quite exactly the same way; you can't just follow the smoke on the horizon because the smoke doesn't really render on the horizon, instead the game keeps popping you in and out of "instanced ocean space" depending on how close you are to the ships. But the convoys do follow a specific path and if you know that path you can get out in front of them and kind of set up a trap for them.

In this case I'd spotted the convoy and was trying to get out ahead of them so I radioed in the contact through the radio officer and completed my my manual calculations. I was getting ready to attack when all the sudden I noticed that the convoy started to swerve to avoid me! Now I didn't think they'd seen me so I looked over to see the Corvette that was escorting them and sure enough he was firing. I immediately began my dive preparations but then I took another quick look and I realized he wasn't firing at me; I followed his the angle of his gun and I saw that off in the distance there was another U-boat; apparently the fact that I radioed in the contact caused another U-boat to come to my assistance! That's a pretty cool feature except for a couple of problems: number 1, It happened way too fast for U-boat to realistically respond unless there happened to be one right there. The other point is that he decided to make his attack on the surface which sent the whole convoy scattering and he was drawing considerable fire from the Corvette. I attempted to make my own attack at one of the freighters that had turned away from me but the Corvette did end up seeing me at that point as it closed quite a bit and I had to make my escape.

I continued following the path of the convoy through the night and was able to come around and catch them in the morning. I calculated a couple more solutions and fired. I had one hit, I think one dud and then the other two ships that I fired on I missed because they were hastily calculated as I was trying to avoid the attention of the Corvette. So having my tubes empty at this point I decided to withdraw and try to another attack.

I continued following them into the night and came around to find them pretty much on the path that I expected. As I was gathering information for the attack, I noticed that the Corvette was no longer with them. Maybe he was still back looking for me where we'd been the previous evening. Because of the darkness they kind of came upon me so I was right in the middle of the formation and I was actually able to use my stern torpedo tubes to fire a couple of shots getting two hits. As the video ends I am just getting ready to surface and finish them off of the deck gun.
So there is really a lot of interesting things to do here and it's actually working pretty well. There's quite a bit of refinement that remains to be done but even at this point you can still conduct a complex attack over several days and follow a convoy and break off and reconnect with them just like you would expect to be able to do. I look forward to seeing where this goes in the future!

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