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Originally Posted by Pisces View Post
Ok, in the mean time I had another run through of your documents and the site explanation of Auswanderung and Ausdamphverfahren. Seems very do-able to recreate these. However, is it me or does "Drawing 21. Rundschieber für Auswanderungsverfahren “B” [12]" have crooked scales? 170 hm distance with 2.5 degree bearing change should show 24 nm/h (according to conversion factor 6000/1852) instead of 23. When I compare different marks each takes another value for meters per nautical mile. Same goes for Drawing 22. Not to German standards if you ask me.
I agree. When I made my wheel used those images and I did notice that too, some results differed (albeit slightly) from the actual math. It must be an issue with the website creator’s scan. He appears to have had KM doctrine books in his possession and maybe the scan from the book was a bit distorted.

I suppose one could recalibrate the wheel, that’s beyond my capabilities at the moment!

Been using my excel file instead as my wheel needs some repair.
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