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Default Ironclads: Anglo-Russian War

I bought Ironclads: Anglo-Russian War on Gamersgate a couple days ago. It's the first of the series that I've purchased and I'm having fun. The AI is giving me a decent pounding even on normal difficulty. While there's not much to giving orders - maneuver, speed, and fire/hold fire.. it's still well worth the $15 price tag.

I'm seeing a lot of good Indie stuff these days, and that's a good thing considering most game houses are being sucked up by the huge ones and spitting out 'You've Played This Before, Part V' sequels in droves. So thank you Totem Games for the enjoyment. I'm already looking forward to buying a second one.

There are a couple issues I've had thus far, however, and I'm looking for answers:

First, I've had my ships stop firing near the end of my 2nd battle. Clicking the fire/hold fire buttons back and forth didn't get them going again, either. It was also like that after I started the one after it. I'll restart the game and see if that straightens it out.

Lastly, I've started the game a couple times and it's crashed (or more likely shut down) back to desktop after flickering and switch off Aero (which I have it set to do when started). Aero comes back on and nothing happening. I'm beginning to believe the DRM on this requires an internet connection to begin. If so, I'm not very happy with that. I want to know what kind of DRM/copy protection is in action, here. I noticed it required internet activation when I installed and first loaded it, which I don't like much either, but I'll tolerate that for budget Indie titles. However, I don't want to consider purchasing a new one until I know more details on the DRM and what it does. Please let me know.

I posted here because I know one of the devs pops in on occasion, and some of the players may have answers too.

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