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Originally Posted by Artur Salwarowski View Post
Hello Gentlemen,

The game is doing fine and is currently heading towards its last stretch before Early Access (which should premiere somewhere around the end of September).

We already have convoys of up to 30 ships, with 4 AI escorts and air support assisting our destroyer. Tons of voice lines to record and implement, lots of AI and other tactical level work still ahead of us, but we are keeping up the pace.

Hope you're gonna like what you get

And then, once EA hits Steam, we will be working on the full-blown campaign mode, with cutscenes, variable events, and other sweet stuff.

Keep your fingers crossed!

Many thanks for the update, Artur! I shall be purchasing the title as soon as I receive the e-mail from Steam advising me that the game has entered Early Access. I'm looking forward to it very much.

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