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Originally Posted by Oubaas View Post
Just spent some time with the demo. It's now on my Steam Wishlist and I will be purchasing the full version upon release.

I'm an old, "Destroyer Command" fan, so this is right up my alley. It's a grand improvement over the old title that I loved so much, so I'm very happy that I'll be getting a better replacement with modern graphics and all!

Same here. Destroyer Command had so much potential, but was released buggy state and even with patches mods etc felt it never did reach what could have been.

I look forward to this new sim, just hope finished product delivers a immersive destroyer sim and is not full of bugs. The "storyline" mentioned worries me a bit though . Give us a sim a long lines of SH but with destroyers...give orders, let us get to sea, and things unfold as they may. Scripted stories etc take away from replay value as become repetitive. Hope the battles do not become arcade like. I see a lot of potential, hope it works out, the community deserves it for sure.
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