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Default Ballast Tanks, Air Management, etc.


I've been playing Wolfpack since its release, and enjoying it very much!

I wanted to ask if the ballast tanks have been simplified? I remember a discussion some time ago about there being mid-ship ballast as well as fore/aft tanks, which required a 3rd crew member to pull handles in the ceiling?

It seems that in our sim so far, we have bow and stern tanks, a negative tank, and a trim tank.

Are there any plans to add more tanks and their associated controls?

I appreciate this area is quite intensive, both from a development standpoint as well as an operator standpoint, but seeing as realism is something Wolfpack is striving for, more is better!

With the addition of the entire U-Boat and its compartments in a future update, will we have the ability to operate other systems of the boat, such as ventillation, fuel lines, doors for the engines, etc.?

It would be great if the engine room was looked at carefully to see what could be added/modelled in this regard. Compressed air start, fuel management, and oil I can see being the main areas for the engine room, as well as door control for the exhausts/inlets when submerging.
I realize there is a ton of other stuff that needs to be done as well, but if the major areas can be covered, this U-Boat operator would be very happy!
Viele Gre,
Von Hoffman.

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