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So, what isn't clear is if this is referring to the hunt or the attack.

For the hunt, it's going to take some time - a half hour or more real time, in order to get a sense of the target motion, if they are at a goodly distance. The only ways to do that are all time-intensive. Match speed and course. Take multiple range/bearing pairs to get course and speed. Get your sonar y to give you info. All of them are designed to lead you to one thing - an intercept course and an overhaul (if needed). They just happen to be less accurate the further away you are and get better with more data points.

The attack is relatively easy once you've got an intercept course - get within a reasonable range, ensure your TDC is updated with more data, and stay undetected.

For me, plotting is the easiest method to obtain AoB and speed. Two ranges and bearings plotted 3.25 minutes apart gives you course and speed - and you can get AoB from the plot too. I'll take another pair closer in and one last set at around 15 degrees off of the expected firing bearing.

If you can plot range and bearing points, you don't need to be stopped to obtain speed. You only need 10 seconds or so each time to pop up the scope to get these two points.
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