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Originally Posted by mobucks View Post
I would consider myself one of the most experienced skippers that still plays Wolfpack. 1200 hours played.

Three bearing method, triangulation etc. is a colossal waste of time in wolfpack...
This is very useful context, thanks! I admit I do look at Wolfpack's gameplay beyond what is currently there and play it as though it was a first person, multiplayer Silent Hunter. I enjoy playing the long game, taking time to solve the convoys hading speed and location before setting up intercepts that don't put me in close visual range until I'm running in to set my attack.

If wolfpacks gameplay is not planned to move beyond the current arrangement (missions scenarios centre around starting in close proximity to a convoy with the players only requirement to organise the final approach and kill), then I agree that my suggestion is probably a waste of time.

That said, if there are plans to run scenario's that start at greater ranges including initially diverging paths, then I think that this suggestion would help reduce the frustration of trying to learn an interesting skill, with a shortened and more informative feedback loop.
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