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Originally Posted by mobucks View Post
start game

use scope to look for visual contact

if no visual, dive to periscope depth

use hydrophone to locate sound bearing of convoy

surface to that bearing going full speed

wait 5 minutes

if no visual contact is made in that time, dive and listen again, adjust course as needed and repeat the last two steps

IMO you're over complicating something that isnt too hard to do in this game. The Silent Hunter games was harder.
Have you tried to do this while moving yourself?
There is an entirely different set of triangulation steps that can be performed while on the move, but they are far more complex to master, for example take a look at the later/Alternative methods mentioned in here

Sorry if I didn't make this clear, the stationary approach is simple and does not require any additional guidance, but to say that everything should end with the stationary method is an over simplification.

If you're wondering WHY someone might want to use these alternative methods; firstly, they can reduce time to contact by allowing the boat to manoeuvre while solving, and secondly.... just because.
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