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Originally Posted by Pisces View Post
Remember that the game is a multiplayer game in the beginning. And you talk about the player in singular form, rather than plural. Each crew member would need to get something out of this gameplay, not just the Kaleun. And each of the 4 boats when there are multiple occupied.
Its true that this is a multiplayer game, but as with the TDC tutorial there are already existing components designed to teach an individual player, (not to mention the ability to play single player using friendly AI). So it is not unreasonable to suggest further content targeted at the individual. As such this is not intended to be a component of multiplay, but an addition to the games tutorial package for players to use individually, the benefit of which would be felt when they then go on to apply it in multiplayer missions.

The overall gist is that this kind of tutorial would be more effective if it had the benefit of assets/libraries/classes/functions that are available to the game, as opposed to trying to create an external analog that mimics it poorly.

I made no attempt to suggest where and how this might be made accessible once the application has been started as while I feel my idea has merit to help players get more value out of the game, the developers, would know best how to best accomplish this in line with the code base and their overall vision.
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