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Originally Posted by John Pancoast View Post
Just like H.sie's instructions say:

1. Copy file en_menu.txt to the data/menu folder found in the Supplement folder of his patch. It is found at the same path in your games install.
2. Copy/paste the text found in the "append to en_menu.txt" file of his patch after the end of the text found in this en_menu.txt file from above.
3. If you use the German text in the game do the same with the de_menu.txt file, otherwise ignore it. Only need to change the file you'll use.

I figured out what it meant with the data/menu folder. I couldn't really figure out what to do so I combined the append to en_menu with the en_menu.txt and then put the whole (originally .zip) file from the V16B1 folder into the mods folder in my SH3 directory. I then loaded it up using JSGME but it still gave me the blank messages. The main thing is I am having a hard time understanding the directions and what to do.
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