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We're trying to approach the convoy behavior from the convoy point of view, what makes the most sense for the convoy in order to survive?

Of course, they have to get from point A to B, so a base course is involved.

When undisturbed, the convoy will proceed along this base course with random (to the Wolfpack player) zig and zags. The more frequent the zig-zags, the more challenging for the U-boats, but this also hinders efficient travel, so somewhere there is a balance between trip efficiency and maximum evasiveness.

Also, of course, we have to factor in gametime; we don't want to task the player with spending 8 hours observing zig-zags like they may have done in real life.

The player will never be told the pattern, that's a puzzle he/she has to solve. A reasonable estimate can be determined by observation. First, determine the base course, then the approximate time between observed zig-zags. Then set up a solution and intercept position and do your best.

We've heard a lot from folks that say the AI is too easy, people can sink 100,000 tons easily, ect and that is valid criticism. Once we get the water asset completed and the game updated in the new format, we will be refining the AI in one of the upcoming phases.

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