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Originally Posted by wangtze View Post
And btw there are many requests by new players to add the TDC solution on the map, which will be always denied by dev's with the words (simple speaking) "This is a hardcore Sim go and learn this stuff by yourself in the internet"...sorry but you can't tread people like this.
I respectfully disagree.

I'm 40 odd years old, and have been gaming since mid 80s. I have seen many games watered down because publishers/developers pampered the players, or went for the "largest common denominator" approach.

I've touched on some of the points of why this is bad in a discussion about third person views, if you are interested you can probably find that in my post history.

The developers are well within their rights to keep to their idea of how the game should work. I, for one, am grateful for the hardcore sim approach.
If you are so adamant about the feature you want, maybe this is not a game for you. And that's OK.
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