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Have you come across any film, or manual that suggests a reload time for the hedge-hog, or any indication as to how many rounds were carried for them in the Flower Class magazine? The same information for Squids, and readily available DC's might also be worthwhile sourcing.

At some stage in proceedings you'll need to establish, both from a gameplay and real-life perspectives, what these reload times might need to be. I'd estimate a reload time for the hedgehog of circa 10-20 minutes, to allow for the rounds to be brought up from the magazine and put on their spigots. In a similar way, After a certain number of DC patterns are dropped, the racks on the deck will need replenishing from the magazine, and have their fuses installed - but not set - as they're brought up. This would likely create a hiatus before that ship can continue with dropping patterns. Obviously, the magazine armourers would simply continue preparing and sending up DC's until told to stop, so I'd not expect that initial hiatus to repeat.

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