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Default [REL] Solution Solver 2.3

See Post #2 for videos.

What's New?

+ Position Keeper integrated into the main intercept wheel.

+ Determining target course and speed from two bearing/range readings integrated into the main intercept wheel. Can be done in real-time mode or with a specific time interval.

+ New "Periscope Solver" tool designed with Wolfpack in mind.

+ Both sides of the german attack disc seen in many Silent Hunter mods now included. Click the center of the Dial to flip it over.

+ Various internal improvements.


A graphics card that is not a potato.

Since this is a .NET app written in C#, i used some Managed components of DirectX to render the dials for speed. Not all DirectX installers come with those components. So you may or may not need to run the full directX web installer to get them if they are missing from your system.

DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer


Dial Artwork:
Based off a design by 'Reaper7'
Originally designed by 'CapnScurvy'

SpeedSolver Artwork:
Based off the U-Jagd Tools for SH3 by 'joegrundman'

Attack Disc Artwork:

If you enjoyed the program and would like to buy me a beer (or two) for the countless hours that went into making it:


Lead Solver / Intercept Wheel:

Speed Solver:

Periscope Solver:

Attack Disc Front:

Attack Disc Back:

Hydrophone Tracker:

Solution Solver 2.3.2 - Visual Targeting Tools & Aids

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