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Even the staunchest GWX critic would be hard-pressed to deny the overwhelming impact that GWX has had on SH3. It would be more than fair to say that GWX set the benchmark for SH3 modding. It would be even fair to say that GWX set the benchmark for the modding of other games, as it is not that uncommon to read references to GWX ("I wish we had a GWX-type mod for <insert game here>") in other forums.

Certainly I have been a long time user of GWX and the earlier TGW (when it was just Lehmann and Marhkimov) and can say without doubt that SH3 would not be on my HDD today were it not for GWX.

Being on the GWX team introduced me to some great guys like BBW, Rubini and Ref. There was a time when I enjoyed opening my inbox to see it full with email from these guys.

Lehmann, you can "retire" with dignity and the knowledge that you have made many thousands of SH3 players happy. We did not always see eye-to-eye (heck, you frustrated the excrement out of me), but no-one can argue with the results.

And I'm sure not many people here are fully aware of the personal sacrifices that you made during your reign as GWX project manager, just to make them happy.

To you and the team--both past and present--thanks.
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