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1. Captain will order a sonar sweep for nearby vessels.
2. Sonar reports any contacts held and strength.
3. After the Captain has satisfied himself by visual sweep and sound bearings that the boat can surface, he gives the order: "Prepare to surface"
4. Helmsman reports “Vents closed”
5. Captain: “Surface”
6. Helmsman will open the high pressure air valve to blow the main ballast tanks, with the report, “Blowing main ballast tanks”. To surface, the boat goes to Ahead Full because, if immediate diving is required (aircraft alarm), high speed is absolutely necessary. The boat is angled stern down and driven up dynamically with diving planes "Forward hard up", "Aft up 5-10".
7. Dive Officer to Captain: "Boat rises".
8. Dive Officer to Captain: "13 meters, 12 meters…." meter by meter.
9. Dive Officer to Captain: "Conning tower hatch free", order concluded at 7.5 meters.
10. Helmsman closes compressed high pressure air valve and Dive Officer sets planes to neutral.
11. Captain will set the bridge watch (usually Captain and Navigator).
12. Captain ascends the bridge ladder, opens hatch and says "Conning tower hatch open".
13. Navigator marks position of surfacing on chart.
14. Captain opens bridge voice tube.
15. As necessary, Captain may order, “Switch to diesels” and set new course and speed.
16. Sonar reports any radio traffic or messages received.
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