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Hi Macgregor the Hammer

Re Wolfpack is it worth the money yes Sir it sure is 27.97 or $35 thats all you have to pay no matter how many update patches come out
yes im a Wolfpack fan boy ive clocked up 815 hours on Wolfpack.
Its my Mams fault my D.O.B. is 3.9.65 same day England declared war on Germany in 1939 and same year Winston Spencer Churchill Died no wonder im a Uboat and Submarine Nut Job.

I Purchased Wolfpack a month after release last year it did have a few bugs in the beginning but as the Devs Oscar and Einar add new updates they also fix the bugs one of the bugs that as now been fixed with the latest patch was when you played a hard mission tonnage target 60,000 tons and you sank 54k-58k
and your out of eels when you quit the mission you did not get your tonage score the devs have fixed that now.

Wolfpack is two Simulations in one you have the option of crewing your Uboats with five people/players or you can play on your own with the bots or with one player in each of the four Uboats playing with bots.
the bots do a ok job but from time to time you may have to take over that station ie when you getting pinged by a escort and you tell the dive officer bot to crash dive he will lower the planes but he wont flood the negative tank to pull you down quicker so you have to slide the ladder and go to the negative tank and flood it yourself.
Wolfpack now has a mission editor you can make Convoys as big as you like theres a 172 different ships in Wolfpack from small armed trawlers under 400 tons to Ocean Linners 15056 tons.
The Mission Editor is very easy to navigate you can knock up a mission in 20 mins.
I made a Spreadsheet for Wolfpack with all the 172 ships with there length mast height and tonage helps a lot if you plan out your mission with a list of ships before hand.
Writing Historical accurate Convoys Missions I use and Also Convoyweb those two sites a Mission Writers Bible so to speak.

When your playing Wolfpack and you fire a torpedo or the torpedo hits a ship and then sinks when you press C key on the keyboard when you click on logbook you get this screen which is very nice in deed.

Download link for Wolfpack Data Sheet

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