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Yeah, I've noticed how the Backfire cruise missiles hit the side of the terrain a lot... no real other way to get around this that I can think of either...however...:hmm: ... I do remember reading that alot of the Soviet Supersonic cruise missiles were high altitude flyers (though I can't remember where I read it for the life of me)... perhaps if some of those missiles were given high altitude instead of sea-skimming behavior it would be less accident prone (less terain problems) though I'm not so sure if its representative to RL.

On a side note, some attempts to improve the AI fighter behavior with some doctrine changes looks pretty good, especially the F14 with their phonex missiles now launching them at long range more promptly. Still need alot of work and still a work in progress though.

Most of this has nothing to do with the mission design I know, more doctrine level stuff. Just thought I'ld share, since the last mission is a perfect testing ground for a lot of AI behavior testing.

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