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Default The last mission

Hi SubGuru.

The last mission of the campaign is great. I really like the sense of large scale battle that it creates and sometimes I like to turn on truth and just watch the battle unfold to see what happens.

One thing I've noticed is that the CV fighter/interceptors don't behave right. Its probably more a doctrine level problem (nothing to do with the mission) but its kindof obvious that the F14/F18 are leaving the surface fleets high and dry and unprotected against enemy fighters (my battles usually have the fighter escorts loitering aimlessly on the opposite side of the CV no help at all for the Ampibs trying to land.

Perhaps some scripting of a fighter intercept attempts (creating a fighter wing to spawn and intercept the Badgers/Backfires etc. Would help?

On a side note: I'm going to attempt to change some doctrines to get these fighters to behave better.

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