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Originally Posted by Molon Labe
Once the DDG is dead, periodicaly check for air contacts that might be circling you and kill them if necessary
Originally Posted by Barleyman
Taking out the initial planes is a must with LW mod they rain sonobuyous on you. Only warning you get is TIW and 30sec later KABOOM. (for sonobuyoy detection)
Oh come on. ...That's so not in the spirit of RSR. Where do you read the Boston went to PD and popped a few flyboys? That's cheating! ...not to say I haven't had to do it myself. :rotfl:

Honestly though, those ASW aircraft are what make the mission so darn hard IMHO, just can't shake 'em. Not to mention your going to have to plow through the middle of at least one of their sonabuoy fields, and once they have you..... they don't let go
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