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Cobra get info about AJS-37 Viggen develop. Can comming with a AI JA-37 companion.
The Viggen is for the most part feature complete. Mostly bug fixing and mission building in progress.
Artwork has been lagging behind, hence the delay.

Yes, we hope to include a JA-37 (even Di) as an AI companion to the AJS. Doing a full-fledged JA-37Di is a lot of work. Perhaps a lite (FC) version down the line or something. No decisions made yet.
The main reason we've spent time with the Di lately is because it's the only Viggen around my parts (Graz). As mentioned previously, we've spent a lot of time in various AJ/AJS cockpits already.
No Viggen theater yet, more info coming in the future:
For now, all Viggen content will be on Caucasus.
We'll announce concrete theatre plans as we draw closer to a development close on that area.

The Viggen will come with training missions, single missions and two campaigns (mini & extended- extended may be post-release).
More News to the front.....

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