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Originally Posted by Rockin Robbins View Post
You don't happen to have Intel graphics do you?
It is a different sort of combo, ain't it?
Originally Posted by jldjs View Post
Yes, but my Mac switches to the Nvidia graphics when the game starts.
What are ya thinking of re Intel graphics? And, would it effect just one ship?
My b-i-l has a Mac like that. Goes to the nVidia for the 3d graphics.

Originally Posted by jldjs View Post
System specs;
Model Name: MacBook Pro 64bit
Processor Name: Intel Core i7
Processor Speed: 2.66 GHz
Memory: 8 GB
Graphics Dual switching ;Intel HD Graphics 288 MB; Nvidio GT 330M

Generic Mod Enabler - v2.6.0.157

3000 Yard Bearing Tool (1680x)
Bigger Better Protractors
Easier_AI from_TMO2.5 ; this is TMO's sim.cfg
JayMyKey ; This is commands.cfg mapped for my MacBook keyboard

I run SH4 in a Wine Wrapper which emulates Windows XP on MAC OSX.

BTW, your observation re size of the Etorufo ship vs ocean as explaining the white wake makes sense. But what causes this?
Do you have any of the same mods enabled in your "Stock" version? If so, disable that mod and see if it changes. Do any other vessels do that? Can you get through the whole Museum, all countries, all ships and planes?

Originally Posted by jldjs View Post
Mine are the same as yours IF you meant the last one on your list to be 03/01/12 01/26/07

instead of
; 03/01/12 01/26/07

Yes, the _lr for the last one... bad case of hitting the backspace "key" on the touch pad "keyboard"... I need my good computer back... If all your files are the same, then it's not in there.

A couple things I don't understand... The ship is the same in Stock and in FOTRSU, ~and~ it does it in Wine, but not in BootCamp? So, do you have the latest Wine, but why would that matter, especially if this is the only ship doing it in your game... ??

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