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Yes I know you don't see the chaff/flare but when I say no evasion I mean zero. I wiped everything and installed 18.3 and it works as expected. When I say my aircraft are not evading I mean a near 100% splash rate. I launched and sent out like a dozen f-14's and they all died except maybe one to the first launched AAM. Vanilla game and 18.3 they at least stand a chance lol. Also on vanilla and 18.3 the fighters juke when a missile gets close. 19.2 zero movement.

I just did a full wipe and installed 19.2 and bug fix. I hope it works because I really want to play some of the 19 missions badly. The only thing I can theorize that's different is that at nwp install the first time some of the checkboxes in options that are supposed to be off could have been on from playing the vanilla game.
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