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Default Torpedo Speed?

Hey all,

Been quite the silent run for me, huh? Well, long and short, huge life changes since I first joined up here (moved 2/3 of the way across the country, completed the academic portion of a master's program--presently doing my internship--blah, blah, blah).

Anyway. I've been playing around with this game again on my days off, even bought the sub buddy app, but have yet to figure out the torpedoes' speed; I know that in a future update there will be different torpedo types (with varying speeds, I assume), but I've not found anything, well any-where, which lists this.

I've attempted to calculate it on my own and it seems that 16.6 (repeating) is the speed right now (if everything except distance is set to zero). Can anyone confirm (or better yet correct) this?

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