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Default New to Wolfpack, have a few questions

o7 Captains!

Long time subsimmer, first time poster. I've been playing subsims since the days of the original Wolfpack, Seawolf and Silent Hunter (the first). First of all, may I say this game is the business. For years I've been waiting for a subsim like this, and I'm bloody loving it! I'm keen to see the planned features added when they are ready, but even in the current state the sim is an absolute pleasure to play. I find it very immersive, especially with having to know how to manipulate the actual controls, and having basic understanding of bouyancy etc to keep the u-boat stable.

I've been mostly playing in solo mode (both with and without bots) to try and learn approaches, attacks and the inevitable evasion. I have also tried my hand on multiplayer, and I feel it adds a great amount towards immersion having other crew to communicate with. Also the sound is absolutely outstanding, from the boat noises to having to speak into speaking tubes, bravo!!

Anywho, I have a few questions. If anyone here could provide advice, I'd be grateful!

  1. I've noticed my sub tends to become sluggish (with regards to changing depth) at low engine speeds. This is at depth, rather than a fresh dive. I can understand in real life how this could be normal (less water over diving surfaces reducing action), in this sim is that expected? Increasing speed seems to increase depth changes, basically I am wondering if I should take (to me the drastic) step of flooding/blowing negative to increase the rate of descent/ascent?
  2. Related question: when I'm diving, what is the historical configuration of dive planes? I.E. I can make the nose dive down and push her down with fast engines(eg foward and aft planes like / \, or is it more realistic to dive on an even keel (eg foward and aft planes like / /). Same question for decreasing depth.
  3. Any tips for evading destroyers?
  4. Are the escorts able to hear me blowing my tanks?
Many thanks, and perhaps I'll see you on the seas!

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