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Default Ironclads: ACW crash

I hate to ressurect an old thread, but I just bought the full game on Steam, and get a crash to desktop every time I play. It seems to be an error with the autosave, perhaps:

------------------- TURN : 14 ------------------------
CDX9E3DGameMap::SetActivePlayerObject : 0
CDX9E3DGameMap::SetActivePlayerObject : OK
EXCEPTION : 0x 489e48

Also, is there no "opportunity fire?" It is very frustrating when Monitor breezes by mere feet from my loaded broadside, and my guns won't fire because it's not my turn. One other thing: When one of my ships rams or is rammed, they never seem to regain speed, yet Monitor rams one of my ships and is soon zipping along at full speed again.

I really want to play and enjoy the game, but it is been an exercise in frustration so far.

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