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Wolfpack is perfect for my friends and I. We are real into the flight sims (IL2, DCS, BMS, etc.) and this works perfectly! A lot of my friends have short attention spans, so to actually sit down and learn all the full realism aspects by themselves is a tall order. But to multicrew, learn with friends as you play is in my opinion the best part. It's certainly broadening the Subsim community with more casual players.

Now you may say that's a bad thing, but if it's generating more revenue and more interest, we're going to get more Uboat type games. I say there's nothing wrong with more simulator games, even if they arent quite everyone's preferred sim. For example, apparently there's an Early Access game called Re-entry, and its an Apollo/Mercury/Gemini simulator. I picked it up on sale and trying to learn it, but what would make it better is if it was multicrew so I can play with my friend who's an astronomy major. Supposedly it is supposed to get multiplayer soon too, so keep an eye on that one!
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