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Default Not my cup of tea either, with just one

I agree with Sly's general points of view about the game. Wolfpack is not my cup of tea either. I'm not into multiplayer subsimming and I like to play my games when I want, not when others want to join. I, too, would have preferred an updated version of SH3, with a diversified full-war campaign, working AI subs, wolfpacks, bug-free and everything else we old subsimmers asked for.

I also agree that the subsim community has changed alot since the Silent Hunter era, when multiplayer was a big NO-NO here. Just remember the outcry when Ubisoft pushed its ill-fated multiplayer installment of SH.


I respect Wolfpack's designers' choice (even though it is not for me). It's their game, they gathered the money for it, so it's up to them to develop whatever game they want. If they don't give me the game I want, so be it. There's always other things to play, such as the upcoming UBOAT, due for release tomorrow, which I hope will become the game I want, in time.

If there's people enjoying Wolfpack, I wish them to have great fun, will never blame them or the devs for their choice and hope they can expand their community. I'm aware that multiplayer subsimming is a niche within a niche, with preciously few people enjoying it, and developing a game along this line is a big gamble they took. There hardly are people willing to pay for a sub game at all, but finding those interested by a multiplayer co-op subsim seems to me like nearly impossible, especially in the long run.

Bottom line, Sly, let them enjoy the game they like and - whenever you feel like bashing Wolfpack - repeat yourself that its devs are not bound to give you or me or anyone else what we want. It's their toy, they funded it with their money, let them have it as they like.

Good luck Wolfpack
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