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I've been meaning to give Bleiente some feedback on this, and have been having trouble with Photobucket quite a bit lately. I did finally manage to get these more recent shots up and linked to, but that actually took twice as long to do as setting up a new career and playing a whole mission...

I've done two single missions, successful at both of those, but of course, you don't have to get away from the enemy in a Single Mission... you complete the objective, and it matters little that you've got 6 DDs buzzing above you, you just hit the OK and exit... A career is different, especially after you've been "testing" another mod, and trying to hurry along through actually testing the thing to see what happens if you surface in the middle of a Japanese Task Force with an American S-18 Sugar Boat...

Needless to say, when actually playing my first career in Bleiente's Mod Soup, I died in my first encounter. Mostly due to impatience. There was a nice big tanker plugging along at about 9 knots... who cares about those DD? I didn't even count how many there were. What's it matter anyway? I was mesmerized by the blue sea, the wailing of the gulls, the idyllic fishing vessels that all of a sudden started shooting machine guns at me!... Crash Dive!... anyway, saw the tanker not long after that, attacked it at like 1006 am, dead calm sea, and before the first "Boom!" the point DD was after me. I think they ended up with 3 on me, but I died after like their 2nd pass.

So I started another career this evening, and noticed that Bleiente has a pre-PH start, so I did that. Here's some shots:

Intro screen, got impatient, so you'll notice the assignment isn't finished...

Navigation map, Oahu overview

Leaving the dock, slightly zoomed navigation map

Look across toward Ford Island

Through the binoculars

Getting around the bend, looking over the left shoulder

Zoomed out a bit as we're leaving

On my way to the patrol area for some sea trials

Shot of the periscope station. you might notice the "Flank" speed. I've done a test Crash Dive with the crew...

Sunday morning, December 7th, 1941 at about 0352 hours local - Sound contact bearing 9, and after "traveling" a while with the camera, look what I saw:

... and a little further along:

They ended up being over 10k away from me, and going too fast for a Porpoise to catch. I did radio in a contact report, but since I'd fulfilled my patrol assignment requirements, they just told me "Good job. Continue with what you're doing, or return to base"... hmmm. Let's see, bunch of soon-to-be enemy ships out here, but I am down to less than 25% of my fuel... I lost them anyway before 0600 hours on the sound contact, and never did re-establish, so they got away...

Of course, the jpg format ruins the color a bit, and "flattens" things, so the shots aren't quite true. But it is a nice little mix that Bleiente has put together. Just don't forget to load the guns if you have to use them... Kind of hard to shoot 'em if they're empty... Shtinking fishermensezz... Good job Bleiente! I give it two thumbs up! Thank you sir!

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