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Hi Thanks

Been involved with TvT since it was being developed by the Russian devs originally.

As with all Tank Sims, like Panzer Elite, Steel Fury, M1TankPlatoon (etc I could go on) TvT was pushed out before it was finished. The original game had not even reached a stable beta platform when it was released. The problem is us tankies are a very small bunch and if we do not do it ourselves it wont get done.

The upshot was, it was full of bugs did not work, myself and a few other PanzerUnity fellows took it upon ourselves to stabilise it and improve it for MMP 7 which we did and we released it. (in memory of Monkwarrior)

After a long spell I have dusted it off again and started modding it again.

Just doing it for the fun of it, the driving physics are nearly spot on, the engine has a few bugs like random tree placement across clients in MP and no occlusion, which I am steadily working on in the back ground.

Other shortfalls we should all be aware of is that TvT is only coded for 32 bit technology. If we could get the source code we could upgrade it. but the source code is lost in Russia somewhere, I tried to get it but got nowhere.

So there we have a a stillborn tank sim that only has some of the elements us hard core tankies like. Mp is what I like and have turned my limited coding skills to improving the experience in TVT and expanding it where I can.

I do have knowledge of how tank models work in the engine and are more than happy to the share the knowledge, so feel free to ask and I will share all that I have.

All the best VAseMkiii
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