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The vehicle served in World War II for the US and had wound up back in the US after being surplused (71 yr old gun) by the Yugoslavian Army. “It was in a rough shape and Steve did a beautiful job restoring it,” Greenberg said. “He spent years hunting around to buy original parts, knick-knacks like binoculars, flashlights, all the tools.” Large-bore cannons are classified as "destructive devices." To obtain one, pre-approval from the federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives is necessary. A $200 tax stamp is required to possess one. Actually the breech is what must be licensed; and that is what failed 'catastophiclly'-(Greenburg)
Additional approval and tax stamps are required for each cannon shell. Flares, smoke shells and inert shells are exempt. This casing looks original; I'm no expert past 1860's ( Civil War Napoleons-also dangerous) I've seen sites for shells, powder and new projectiles, parts and materials, to build shells. I cannot tell if this is (entirely) original and I hope it's not the fatal round...>
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